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Are You A Professional Visitor or a Sales Rep?

Are You a Professional Visitor or a Sales Rep?

restoration business sales rep May 02, 2024

Struggling to get those referrals for water damage, smoke damage and mold remediation rolling in, even when you think you’re taking all the right actions? It's a common challenge for many in the restoration business, but the fix might be simpler and more straightforward than you think. 


The Direct Approach You Haven't Tried Yet

It's time for a reality check. Are you just visiting or are you doing your job and asking for work - asking for the next opportunity to help when one of their insurance clients has a water damage or if you’re calling on property managers . . . .asking for their commitment to call you the next time one of their buildings had mold damage or there’s smoke damage.  

Why not directly ask your contacts why they haven’t referred you yet? It might seem a bit forward, but getting to the heart of the matter often requires cutting straight through.

Consider this scenario: you’re chatting with Joe, a contact you’ve nurtured but who hasn’t yet sent any work your way. Why not just lay it out there?

"Hey Joe, I’ve been wondering something. If a restoration need came up, would we be the first you'd call? I'm all ears if there’s a reason we might not be at the top of your list."

Lightening the Mood

Sometimes, addressing the elephant in the room needs a light touch. A dash of humor can disarm and open up a genuine conversation.

"Joe, you might wonder if I know my way around the tools of the trade. Let me tell you, the first time my team saw me handle a Sawzall, they were impressed... and a bit concerned. They quickly decided I should stick to running the business and sales, leaving the labor to the pros. But don't worry, we've got a team of skilled professionals who are fantastic at what they do. So, what’s holding you back from sending referrals our way?"

The Gold in Honest Feedback

When Joe shares his reasons, treat it like gold. This isn’t about defending your techniques or taking it personally. It's about uncovering real insights that could unlock a whole new level of referrals for your business.

Genuine feedback is a rare commodity. It’s the kind that can pivot your strategy, making your approach more personal, more effective, and ultimately, more successful in netting those all-important referrals.

Interested in uncovering more strategies to enhance your sales game in your restoration business? I’m here for it. Having navigated these waters myself and helped numerous clients do the same, I’m ready to dive deep into your challenges and triumphs. Click below to book a chat with me. Ask me about The Restoration Sales Academy.  Let’s tackle this referral challenge head-on and get your phone ringing off the hook.

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