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Who doesn’t love a great challenge?

Oct 04, 2021

Creating a challenge is a great way to help you get what you want from your business. 


Challenges in my mind are one of three types:

  1. Self
  2. The entire team
  3. A subset of the entire team

If we take a look at number 1, a challenge for yourself, think of creating a challenge for a thirty-day workout program, or an individual sales goal, or perhaps the creation of a new habit.

When I think about challenges related to an entire team, I think of something like rallying around something really big. Like increasing company revenue to a new record level. 

In terms of the subset, or in terms of a subset of the entire team, that type of challenge may be implementation of a CRM, or production management tool, it could also be reading a book together.

Activity or Results

Then there's this distinction between an activity challenge and a results challenge. An activity challenge might be something like walking thirty minutes each day or calling two adjusters per day and asking for their next job. 

A results challenge might be losing ten pounds in one month or getting referrals from two new referral sources in the next thirty days. 


So let’s come up with a plan. 

What do you want? Let’s get a clear picture of your desired outcome. 

Take a minute and think about something in your business that you’d like to change and feel like the creation of a challenge could help. 

Take a couple of minutes right now and jot down your ideas for something that you want in your business. Who will be involved? Take a minute and write down if this will be an individual challenge, a challenge for the entire team, or a challenge for a subset of your team. What activity can you or the team commit to in the spirit of making the outcome a reality? 

Now is a good time to take a minute and write down your ideas for what types of activities need to happen to get you the results that you’re after. How will you track your activity and results? Think about the different ways you could track activity and results, but be sure to keep it simple. 

I’ve worked with clients over the years who have really gotten in the weeds when it comes to tracking. And it’s so difficult and time-consuming to track, they've made it so difficult to track activities and results that in a short period of time, the challenge simply falls to the wayside. 

Who will you turn to for accountability? Many times goals and challenges never come to fruition because of accountability. It’s easy to get excited about a new initiative at the beginning. But without accountability, many times things don’t happen. Think of new year's resolutions. Now is a good time to take a couple of notes on where you think you can get accountability. If you think your team is strong enough, individual team members can hold each other accountable. 

You could also consider sharing your challenge with a peer in your industry. Another common alternative is to share the challenge with a business coach. Take a look at the links below for several examples of simple thirty-day challenges. I love creating challenges for businesses.

What are your ideas for challenges you'd like to put into action in your business? Send me an email, and I will create a custom challenge for you.

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