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Unlocking Your Team's Potential: Strategies for Handling Underperformance

Oct 13, 2023

Proven tips to confidently deal with a poor performer in your team.

Today, we're diving into a topic that keeps many business owners up at night: the tough decision of whether to let an employee go. This is more than just a business move . . . it impacts lives. So, how do you make the call responsibly? I'm going to share what's worked for me.

Clear Expectations: The Starting Line
Step one, be clear about what you want from them. If you've been vague, how can you fault them for not delivering? Have you documented clear expectations?

Accountability: The Scoreboard
Metrics matter. If you're not measuring, you're just guessing. So keep tabs on their performance the same way you would with any project. A great way to accomplish this is with a simple, weekly scorecard where you track the 2-5 most important metrics for each role in your business.

Training: The Playbook
Did you give them the tools and training they need? If they're not performing because they lack the know-how, that's on you.  Do you have a training program?  It doesn't need to be elaborate. You can start by creating a simple training document or video to teach a task that one of your team members is struggling with.

Leadership: The Coach
Were you there to offer guidance and support? If you've been hands-off, take a good look in the mirror before making any drastic decisions. If you haven't been what you'd consider, "a good coach", this might be all that's needed to turn around a poor performer.
If you've ticked all these boxes and they're still not meeting expectations, look out for these red flags:
If you've ticked all these boxes and they're still not meeting expectations, look out for these red flags:

Lack of Commitment: They're just not putting in the effort, even with training.

Poor Results: They’re working hard but not getting it done.

It's a tough decision, but if they're still underperforming after all this, maybe it’s time to say goodbye. Sometimes, it's the hard decisions that move your business forward.

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