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Systematic Approach to Delegation

Feb 07, 2023
Delegation is critical to running a successful business.


In this video, I’m going to tell you about what I think is the most important habit I developed as a small business owner. It’s simple and arguably a boring topic but hang in there with me . . . it’s all about a systematic approach to delegation. I’ll mention a couple of tools I like to use - you’ll find links in the description.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Scott Miller, the owner of I’m making these videos to help restoration business owners get more profitable, reduce the chaos and build something they can sell for a lot of money when they are ready to move on. (By the way, please subscribe to my Youtube channel and hit the like button if you get some value out of this today. Thanks!)

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A topic that comes up all the time from Restoration owners is, how can I get things off my plate or how can I stop being so important in the day-to-day operations? When I started growing my business, I had these same thoughts, and when I’m going to share my simple three-step process for becoming a delegation machine. It’s not complicated and it’s not exciting work BUT if you stick to it, this new habit is going to pay huge dividends - you’re going to get back time, and you’ll be building a more valuable business.

If you’re thinking . . . I’m took busy for this, my team can’t do it as well as I do it or I don’t have anyone to delegate tasks to, fight the temptation to stop watching and just take a leap of faith that you can do this and it will make a difference!

1. Do a time study. Figure out what you’re spending your time on and choose at least one task each week to delegate. (by the way, if you don’t have someone to delegate it to right now, don’t worry about it - you will in the future.)



2. Document the process (with text, screencast or video) - use something like Screencast-o-Matic or Loom to make a screencast video. Use your cell phone to make a video if it’s something not done on a computer, and use a Google Doc to make a how-to document - also known as an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Create a shared folder to store your how-to documents.

3. Hand it off. Now that you’ve got whatever it is that you want to delegate out of your head and documented, it’s time to hand it off to someone on your team - an employee or a VA. Teach it to someone and ask them to improve the system and the how-to documentation. If it’s a recurring task, consider using a tool like Toodledo so as you’re delegating, the tasks can be set up on autopilot to ensure your team members are executing just like you did - or maybe even more consistently and better!

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Links to tools I mentioned:


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