Sell Everyday!

Apr 04, 2022

Sales in the restoration industry isn't easy, but it isn't impossible either. You can make things a lot more fun by encouraging yourself and your team to come up with creative sales ideas every day. 

You can turn this into a fun and competitive daily challenge by offering incentives to your employees. Maybe you reward the employee with the most sales, the most creative or effective ideas, or the employee with the first sale of the day.

Try not to limit yourself and seek input from your team, peers, or even some sales podcasts. Some of the best podcasts on sales that I've found are Sales Gravy by Jeb Blount, Sales Hacker by Sam Jacobs, and Sell or Die by Jeffrey Gitomer and Jen Gluckow.  Consider incorporating lessons learned from a podcast in a weekly sales meeting and then ask each person share what they learned. What can you implement from what you learned?

Sell Everyday!

To truly make sales every day, you've got to put in some effort . . . every day. I recommend blocking a minimum amount of time for sales, during which you contact a minimum amount of leads or prospects. You can start small and expand as you go, but you need to be diligent and commit daily.

Here are just a few sales ideas and leads to get you started this month.

  • Call an adjuster who has referred you in the past
  • Call the insurance agent of one of your current clients
  • Call an adjuster who hasn't referred you . . . yet
  • Call an agent who referred you in the past and you haven't heard from in a while
  • Call a plumber and ask for the next job
  • Call a property manager
  • Call a TPA - one you would like to join
  • Call a TPA - one you've joined and want more work from
  • Call your personal insurance agent
  • Call your commercial insurance agent


These are just a few ideas for your restoration business, and there are plenty more to consider. The main benefit of getting your team involved in a sales challenge is that they will provide more ideas than you alone can come up with on your own, and you'll create an environment of friendly competition.

If you want to learn more about selling every day, sales challenges, or if you are considering getting some help from a restoration business coach, book a call with me, and we'll have a conversation.


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