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How To Empower Your Team With Effective Process Implementation

Aug 04, 2023

Advice for restoration brokers who struggle with their team processes.

Have you been encountering some difficulties when trying to get your team to follow your process? As a restoration business owner, you're not alone if you find this challenging. It's a common issue that we can address with open communication, an understanding of human nature, and some humor. To help with this issue, here are three things you should be thinking about: 

1. Attention spans. It's normal to expect your team to follow your specific process. However, keep in mind that humans tend to have short attention spans. We've all been there—listening to someone who goes on a bit too long, and our minds inevitably start to wander. To prevent this from happening when communicating your process, keep your instructions concise and engaging.

"Open communication and an understanding of human nature will help."

2. Ask them to paraphrase. After laying out your expectations, have your team summarize what they think they've heard you say. This active listening strategy not only helps confirm their understanding but also keeps them engaged in the conversation. It's a practical method to ensure your instructions are being absorbed, not just acknowledged with a vacant nod.

3. Develop your people. As part of your role as a restoration business owner, fostering the development of your people is crucial. One book I highly recommend is "Good Authority" by Jonathan Raymond, the former CEO of Michael Gerber's company. Another great book on this topic is “Developing the Leaders Around You” by John C. Maxwell. Both of these books provide valuable insights into effective team management and leadership. 

If you'd like more information on how I can help you navigate this challenge, book a call with me by clicking here. I would be honored to assist you.

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