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Is Persistence Your Missing Key to More Sales

Is Persistence Your Missing Key to More Sales

Feb 14, 2024

Be persistent and grow your business with these five business strategies.

New clients are always asking me how they can generate more revenue. So, today, let’s talk about that. There are a few primary ways to increase sales - today, I want you to ask yourself the question - What are we doing to build relationships with prospective referral sources? It's all about getting back to basics with good old-fashioned prospecting and trust-building.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Scott Miller, the owner of I help restoration business owners become more profitable, reduce the chaos, and build a business they can eventually sell for a substantial amount. Want to dive deeper into how I can assist you? Hit that subscribe button, give this video a thumbs up if it's helpful, and book a call with me by clicking the link at the end of this video.

1. Set a Daily Face-to-Face Goal:

When I began in the restoration industry, I made it a point to have 15 face-to-face visits daily. That's 75 per week! It may seem daunting, but this level of consistent interaction can yield significant results. If that number is too high for you, that’s ok, start with a lower number - the key is to get started. Some activity is better than no action at all.

2. Embrace the Art and Science of Prospecting:

Prospecting isn't just a task –it's a blend of art and science. It involves actively searching for new clients through various methods – cold-calling, networking, and asking for referrals. Initially intimidating? Sure. But it’s a game-changer in the long run. Don’t turn this into something that’s more difficult than it really is - for example, if you want to start calling on property managers, just do a google search for property management companies in your area, create a list in Google Sheets or Excel (or your CRM if you use one), set up routes in a tool like Badgermaps and start making visits.

3. Create Your Own Opportunities:

The saying, "The more I prospect, the luckier I get," from Jeb Blount’s Fanatical Prospecting, sums up this idea perfectly. Prospecting is about creating opportunities by meeting people and building trust - building enough trust that they’ll give you an opportunity to help them the next time something happens at one of their properties. You might look at other restoration companies who are doing a lot of commercial work and think there’s some mystery or luck involved -  It’s not just luck . . .  it's strategic effort.

4. Learn and Adapt:

Prospecting and relationship building is a skill that can be honed. This is the main focus in the Restoration Sales Academy coaching program I run.  The right techniques can significantly improve your chances of success. Remember, the more you prospect, the easier and more effective it becomes.

5. Consistent Follow-Up:

Don’t just meet and greet – ensure you have a solid follow-up plan. Whether it’s a quick email, a phone call, or a CRM system to keep track of interactions, consistent follow-up is key to turning contacts into contracts. You need to make repetitive contacts with your prospects to build trust and turn them into repeat referral sources.

Ready to revolutionize your approach to prospecting and open new doors for your business? It’s time to take action.

I’m here to guide you on this journey. To start transforming your business, click the link below to book a call with me.

Thanks for watching, and here’s to creating our own luck through smart, persistent prospecting.

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