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Empower Your Managers: Overcoming Obstacles as a Business Owner

May 18, 2023

Three tips to help business owners avoid hindering their managers.


Today, I’m here with a few tips on how owners can avoid hindering their managers. As a coach, I regularly speak with owners, managers, and sales representatives. One common issue that arises is managers feeling held back by the owner. For example, owners might not allow managers to hold team members accountable or may entertain complaints about managers from other employees. To address this, here are three tips that you can follow:


1. Establish clear expectations. This should be available for everyone in the company, so start with small steps, working on one at a time. If you need assistance with this, I can help. Just know that it's crucial to set documented expectations for each role. 


2. Consistently support your managers. As a restoration business owner, I encountered situations where employees would complain about a manager's communication style or perceived unfairness. In these scenarios, I would either coach the manager on appropriate communication and behavior or encourage employees to fulfill their job responsibilities. With the latter, I fully supported the manager by explaining that they were simply asking the employee to do their job.


"It's crucial to set documented expectations for each role."


3. Foster a culture of accountability. By holding all team members accountable, you avoid singling out individuals. Establishing this consistent culture will benefit your business by reducing chaos. 

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