Delegate to Get Ahead: Tips for Executing a Successful Delegation Strategy

Jan 20, 2023


Let's work on developing the habit of delegation.

I'm passionate about helping business owners get more profitable, reduce the chaos in the business, and build something that'll be worth a lot of money someday when they decide it's time to sell and move on.  Delegation is one important part of making this a reality.

Okay, so delegation. Why is it important? I'll give you a couple of reasons.

1. This will help you get out of the day-to-day operations.

2. Delegation will also make your business more valuable because you, the owner, aren't going to be so integral to the operations of the business.  Who wants to buy a business that requires the owner to be involved in all of the daily operations?  Basically, they would just be buying a job, right?  So the more you can systematize, delegate, and get yourself out of the day-to-day operations, the more valuable the business will be.

3. You'll have more freedom to choose how you spend your time.  It will free you up to be able to do things that you want to do. The idea of working "on the business", not "in the business, right"? You'll be able to work on higher-level challenges and opportunities in the business if that's something that interests you.

Delegation will free you up to do things that you want to do outside of the business - think of hobbies, more time with your family, or maybe even start another business.

So what do you do? What's the first step? How can you start to develop this habit? It's very easy to get started.

Step 1 - Do a time study. Write down everything you're doing for a couple of days or even a week.  If you can manage to document for two weeks, even better. I have templates for this that I'd be happy to share with you.

Step 2 - When you get to the end of the week, find one thing you can delegate and turn it into a system.  Just make a simple bullet point list of the steps in the process that you're doing, or if it's work done on a computer, something that's really easy to do is get a free program like Screencast-o-Matic or Loom and make a screencast video of yourself doing the task.  With a screencast video, it's very easy to share that recording and tell the person that you want them to take the task over.  All they'll need to do is watch your video to learn how to complete the task.

Just to recap, developing the habit of delegation is easy, and it will pay you dividends many times over.  By developing the habit, you're going to increase the value of the business, and you're going to decrease your importance to the business in day-to-day operations.

To be able to develop the habit, you've got to do it over and over and over. Think of it as a challenge and see how much of what you do in the course of a week, in the course of a month, you can systematize and hand off to somebody else.

If you need help with this, click the link below this video, book a call with me, and you'll come away with a very simple plan to start making progress.  

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