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Why Brutal Honesty Equal Kindness in Restoration Leadership

Why Brutal Honesty Equal Kindness in Restoration Leadership

accountability business growth restoration business May 14, 2024

Just wrapped up a chat with a client, diving deep into one of those make-or-break leadership skills: the art of direct feedback. It got me thinking about a lesson that hit home hard for me and has since been a game-changer for the folks I coach: living "Above the Line."


Here's the gist: "Above the Line" is where ownership, accountability, and responsibility hang out. It's the zone where you and your team are hitting targets, making smart calls, and owning your actions. "Below the Line"? That's excuse city—blame, excuses, and denial live there.

In the restoration world, cutting through the fog with straight-up, honest feedback isn't just nice—it's a critical leadership skill. Think about it. Every mishandled job, every delay, it all costs money, time, and reputation. But here's the kicker: being direct isn’t about being tough; it's about giving a damn. It's caring enough to push your team and yourself towards being the best.

Why does this matter to you . . . to your Restoration Business? Because in this game, where the stakes include your revenue, your team's growth, and the very future of your business, playing it straight and aiming high is how you win. It’s about setting a bar where excellence is the norm, not the exception. And yes, that includes calling out the misses as much as celebrating the hits.


So, how do you make "Above the Line" your team's default setting?


Set Clear Expectations: Spell out what "Above the Line" looks like in your biz. What's expected when it comes to performance and accountability?

Normalize Direct Feedback: Make your culture one where feedback is just part of the day. It's not personal; it's about getting better, together.

Hold Everyone Accountable: From the top down, everyone's actions are fair game. If it's below the line, call it out. If it’s above, give it a shout.

Celebrate the Wins: Catch your team being awesome. Big wins, small wins—they all count. Show love for the above-the-line actions that get you there.

In my own journey from restoration owner to coach, what’s been crystal clear is this: Direct feedback, delivered right, isn't just kind—has the potential to be transformative. It's the bridge from where your team is to where you know they can be. Through my programs like the Restoration Profit Academy and the Restoration Sales Academy, I’ve seen teams do a complete 180. It’s all about fostering a culture where honesty drives growth.

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