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What Will It Really Take to Sell Your Business for Your Dream Price?

What Will It Really Take to Sell Your Business for Your Dream Price?

restoration business selling your business Apr 29, 2024

Let's talk about the future—specifically, your retirement and the role your business plays in it. For many of us, selling our business is a crucial part of our retirement plan. The financial success of our golden years might very well hinge on the sale. So, the burning questions are: Are you ready? Is your business ready? Selling your business involves much more than just finding a buyer; it requires a deep dive into your financials during the due diligence process. Are your financials in a state that would make a potential buyer write that check without hesitation?


If you don’t know who I am, I’m Scott Miller and I’m the owner of I’m making these videos to help restoration business owners get more profitable, reduce the chaos and build something they can sell for a lot of money when they are ready to move on.

Selling your business isn't just about finding a buyer and agreeing on a price. It involves a meticulous process known as due diligence, where every nook and cranny of your business is scrutinized, especially your financials. And yes, you guessed it – your financial records need to be impeccable. This isn’t about having everything perfect but being able to explain every entry, every decision, and ensuring your financials reflect the true value of your hard work.

If the thought of that makes you break out in a cold sweat, you're not alone.

But fear not, because now is the perfect time to start whipping those financials into shape. Whether you're a few months or a few years away from considering selling, the time to act is now.

Through my coaching and the Restoration Profit Academy (RPA), I'm on a mission to help owners like you get their businesses financially tight and ready for a profitable exit. It's all about sharpening your financials and arming you with the know-how to make data-driven decisions. This preparation ensures you're ready to engage confidently with potential buyers, showcasing the true value of your business.

Joining the RPA isn’t just about getting ready to sell; it's about taking control of your business’s financial health today, so when the time comes, you’re more than ready – you’re confident. It's about understanding the ins and outs of your financial statements, learning how to optimize for profitability, and, yes, preparing for a smooth due diligence process that leaves potential buyers impressed.

Here’s the reality: being an "aging boomer" (or of any age, really) with no succession plan is far too common, yet entirely fixable. The key isn't just in deciding to sell but in preparing your business to be sellable. That preparation starts with understanding your financials inside and out.

So, are you ready to dive in and ensure your business's financials are in top shape? If you’re not sure where to start or if the idea of poring over financial statements and budgets seems daunting, RPA is here to help guide you through every step. Let’s make sure that when the time comes, your business isn’t just another listing – it’s the opportunity of a lifetime for the right buyer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start this crucial part of your exit strategy. Your business deserves to be seen in the best light, and that starts with solid, understandable, and transparent financials. Join me and a community of like-minded owners in RPA, and let’s get your business ready for its next big leap.

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