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The Buck Stops Here... With ME.

The Buck Stops Here... With ME.

leadership restoration business team Nov 08, 2023

Hey, I'm Scott Miller. I've been where you are. Started, managed, and sold restoration businesses and now I coach folks like you to build a business that's not just profitable but also sellable. My leadership philosophy is straightforward: when things are going well, it's all because of my team. When they're not, the responsibility falls squarely on my shoulders. Let's unpack this, shall we?


If we haven't crossed paths yet, I run My mission? Help you transform chaos into profit and build a business you can proudly sell when the time comes. I hope this article spurs you to take action—whether it's absorbing these words or reaching out to chat with me.

The Team Gets the Glory

In my early days running a restoration business, landing big contracts was a team effort. Sleaure, I was at the helm, but the success we enjoyed was because of a hardworking team. Recognizing their contributions openly boosted morale and had a ripple effect on our success. When people feel valued, they deliver. Simple as that.

The Buck Stops with Me

Now, let’s talk about the inevitable bad days. For instance, if a customer is unhappy or a project goes sideways, I look in the mirror first. It's on me to make things right. You'd be amazed at the level of respect you can command when you step up and own the issues. It's about creating a culture where accountability isn't a buzzword but a way of life.

Ground Rules for Success

Now, this mindset isn't a stand-alone solution. Here are some ground rules that make it work:

  • Listen actively. It's the key to knowing what your team and clients are thinking.

  • Be transparent. Make sure everyone knows the goals and how their role fits into the big picture.

  • Empower your team. Give them responsibility and the room to shine or fail and learn.

That's the core of it. Leadership isn't about a fancy title - it’s an ongoing job and our responsibility of actively working on growing ourselves into better, stronger leaders. It's about sharing the credit when things are good and taking responsibility when they're not. Don't hesitate to get in touch. Let’s turn your challenges into stepping stones for something great.

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