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The Power of the "Feel, Felt, Found" Technique in Selling

The Power of the "Feel, Felt, Found" Technique in Selling

business creating a sales plan restoration business sales Jul 18, 2023

Today, let's talk about a proven technique that can make a significant impact on your sales conversations. It's called the Feel, Felt, Found technique, and it has the potential to turn objections into opportunities for success.


The Feel, Felt, Found technique is not a new concept; it has been around for ages. However, many salespeople haven't fully tapped into its potential. The secret to mastering this technique lies in using real third-party stories to create a genuine connection with your customers.

Let's break down the technique:

  1. Feel: Begin by having empathy for your client. Acknowledge and validate their feelings. Let them know that you understand how they feel. This step builds rapport and demonstrates your attentive listening skills.
  2. Felt: Transition to the "felt" stage, where you assure your customer that they are not alone in their concerns. Share stories of other individuals who have felt the same way. This helps shift their focus from the objection to a place of trust, knowing that others have experienced similar sentiments.
  3. Found: Finally, provide a resolution by sharing what these individuals have found. Explain how their concerns were successfully addressed and resolved. This step shows your customer that there is still a way to work things out, instilling confidence in your ability to find a solution.

Now, let's put it all together using the story you shared:

Customer: "We don't refer - we can't refer - we're not allowed, and to be honest, if we did, we'd be taking a big risk."

You: "I completely understand how you feel. Many insurance agents have felt the same way. They were hesitant to refer restoration companies due to potential risks and concerns. However, once they took the leap and started referring, they discovered remarkable benefits. Referring helped them build stronger relationships with their clients, showing them that they genuinely care. It also had a positive impact on client retention and referrals. Their clients felt that their insurance agents truly had their best interests at heart. So, what they found was that referring turned out to be an incredible business move. It helped them grow their business and foster long-term loyalty."

The beauty of this technique is that you're not the one doing the selling—your satisfied clients become your advocates, selling for you.

To become a master of the Feel, Felt, Found technique, take the time to gather stories from your existing or past clients that address common objections. Aim for three to five compelling stories that can cover a range of objections. Practice these stories until they feel natural to you. Soon enough, you'll find yourself effortlessly addressing objections without a second thought.

Using the Feel, Felt, Found technique in conjunction with third-party stories has proven to be highly effective. I've witnessed my sales coaching clients take their careers to new heights by mastering this technique. Now, it's your turn to elevate your sales game.

So, invest some time in crafting and refining your stories, and watch as objections transform into opportunities for successful sales. Until next time—go out there and sell with confidence!

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