A VERY Common Challenge and How To Overcome It

creating a sales plan increasing your business Feb 28, 2023

In this video, I’m going to tell you a quick story from the planning workshop I ran with a group of restoration owners from all over the country . . . Regardless of size or location, they shared a common set of challenges - they aren’t setting clear expectations and holding themselves and their team accountable like they want to. I’m going to share some ideas on overcoming these challenges.

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A topic that comes up all the time from Restoration owners is, how can I get my team to perform better. This isn’t a comprehensive list but if I had to sum it up quickly, I’d say setting clear expectations, holding people accountable and increasing engagement are the three areas I’d encourage you to work on. I’ve got a simple tip for each of the three areas.

1. Set clear expectations. Imagine you and I were talking about one of your team members. You’re complaining about their performance and I ask you to describe the ideal situation for that team member. Let’s make a bullet point list of the most important thing you need from them.

2. Create a simple scorecard. Now that we have a small list of what we expect, let’s quantify these things. Some might be activity-related numbers and others might be related to results. Keep the list of measurable small - think about 2-5 metrics per person.

3. Meeting rhythm. Now that you’ve got clear expectations and a way to measure performance with a simple scorecard, have a weekly meeting to review the results. Talk about what is on track and what is off track. Use this meeting as a way to have open communication about what’s going well and what’s not working. Ask the team member for their ideas on what they need to succeed.

Improving engagement with your team comes from a combination of getting them involved in steps one and two so they know you value their input, and sticking to a regularly scheduled meeting helps reinforce how important they are to the team and how much you value them.

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