3 Ways Back to School Can Help Your Business

Sep 03, 2019

Back to school is always super energizing for me. It feels like a combination of:

1. Time for a fresh start – What do you want to do that hasn’t been happening?
This is a great time to block off an hour on your calendar, head over to your favorite coffee shop and think about the top 2-3 things you’ve wanted to get working on in your business.  What have you had on the back burner that you think would really make a difference in your business?  Just brainstorm and make lots of notes.  I find that getting ideas out on good old-fashioned paper if really helpful to me.  After you get some ideas out on paper, pick one and get specific.  How do you choose which one?  Here are a couple of ideas . . . think about which one would make the biggest impact on your business OR think about which one would be the easiest to achieve.  Sometimes getting a quick win by choosing the easiest is great for morale (yours and your team’s).

2. Time to assess how the year has progressed so far and then push to finish really strong.
Here’s another idea for a little get-away from the office.  Head out to the coffee shop again and write some notes on the topic of how the year is going so far.
YTD Sales – Mitigation vs. Reconstruction
Profitability – Are you hitting your GP% targets?
Team – How’s the team looking? (2nd in Command, Managers, Finance, HR, Carpenters, Mitigation Technicians)
Your Time – Are you spending your time doing what you like and what you’re best at?

3. Time to start thinking about planning for 2020.
Take a look at my post on the topic of Planning if you haven’t already.  Some owners wouldn’t think of starting the new year without a plan and others have never planned.   I’ve known unsuccessful planners and very successful owners who never plan.  For me, having a plan has always been a great way for me to hold myself and my team accountable for the results we want to achieve.

It’s always fun for me to talk with owners and think on the topic of how I can help them to create the business they want for themselves, their family and their team.  Let’s set up a time to talk about how I can help you with your restoration business through a customized coaching program.

There are systems and strategies for getting on TPA programs and delivering on their unique service level agreements.  If you’re thinking of trying to work with third party administrator program or if you are already on programs and are struggling in any way, stop struggling – I can help. Click below to schedule a free call or call me now.

In future blogs, I’ll go into more depth on each of the following seven programs for increasing your top line.  If you want to learn more about executing on any of these strategies in the meantime, let’s schedule some time to talk.   (Be sure to check out my last blog – Getting more work from your online presence – other than social media)

  • Agent Marketing
  • Adjuster Marketing
  • Plumber Marketing
  • Property Manager Marketing
  • Local Networking Groups
  • Email Marketing to Past Customers
  • Social Media

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