Questions To Consider When Building a Sales Plan

creating a sales plan lead generation Jan 27, 2023
Five questions to consider when building an effective sales plan.


Have you created your sales plan? If you haven’t, I want to challenge you to do it now. I’ll give you five simple questions to help you and your team start the process. I recommend hanging up a flip chart paper on the wall and start brainstorming on these questions:

1. What are your best types of clients? What is the work that you find most profitable? Start to rate out all the things that come to mind.

2. Who can give you more work? This comes up a lot for first-time referrals. Maybe you got a job from a plumber or a property manager, and you know they can get you more. Think about who you can get more work from.

3. Who was giving you work before but isn’t anymore? Look into your production management software or QuickBooks if you track referrals in either of those places and write down who is giving you work and who isn't.



"Figure out the action plan, who will do what, and when."


4. What's the low-hanging fruit in your business? For a lot of restoration companies, it's agents and adjusters. How about for your company? Are they the low-hanging fruit or someone else? Brainstorm on that with your team.

5. What type of new work would you like to get? What type of new referral sources would you like to pursue? If you're just doing residential work, would you like to get commercial work? If you're not getting referrals from agents or adjusters and you're just getting work from pay-per-click, would you like to start developing these other referral source types?

The final step is to determine the action plan, who will do what, and by when. If you'd like more help creating an action plan, just click the link to book a call.

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