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How to Get More Profitable in Your Restoration Business

accountability financials profit Jan 09, 2023

I want to talk to you about getting more profitable. What's not good about that, right? I want to give you a couple of tips, ask you a couple of questions, and get your mind thinking about what you could do to get more profitable.

When it comes to setting expectations, does the person or the people who are running your jobs have a profitability target?

Are they setting a budget at the beginning of the job?

Are they managing the budget throughout the life of the job?

Are you job costing?

Are you tracking labor and materials to jobs?

What happens at the end of the job?

Are you going through and analyzing what happened?

Let's look at the budget. Let's look at the actual financial results of the project and figure out what went really well and what we need to do differently next time to get more profitable.

If it was perfect . . . if we hit the target, great.  If not, use it as a learning experience and determine what we can do differently to become more profitable.

If you need any help with this or are just getting started, click the link below the video, and I'd be glad to hop on a call with you and help you get started. 


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