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From Missed Opportunities to Referral Success: Empowering Your Sales Reps

Jun 26, 2023

Unleash the potential of your restoration business with a proven strategy.

Have you ever felt frustrated when your sales reps seem to miss opportunities for referrals? As a restoration business owner, it's not uncommon to wonder why your team isn't making the most of their interactions with potential referral sources. Perhaps they're having great conversations, but they're not getting to the core information that could lead to a referral. The good news is, you're not alone in this, and there’s a solution.

So, let's dive into a strategy that could help your sales reps become more effective:

Question to Ask: One effective strategy I've found is encouraging your sales reps to ask this key question when they're interacting with potential referral sources: "What happens when someone calls you with a water or fire damage?" This seemingly simple question can reveal a lot about the process of the account and who the decision makers are, saving time and speeding up the referral process.

A Real-Life Example: My rep, Steve, and I walked into a large independent broker's office, where Steve hits it off with the gentleman at the front desk, Jerry. They dive into catching up about their kids, wives, and pets. It's all going great, until the phone rings. Jerry quickly wraps up our conversation to take the call and says a quick goodbye. Now, while Steve started to head for the door, I signaled him to hold on a moment. Once Jerry was off the phone, I asked him the simple question, "What happens when someone calls you with a damage claim?" Turns out, Jerry just transfers these calls to Dan upstairs - who handles all claim-related calls!

This piece of information was like striking gold. It meant we had been building rapport with the wrong person for the past six months. But the good news is, within a month of redirecting our focus, we had our first referral from this broker's office. This success story highlights the significance of understanding the referral process and engaging with the right individuals.

Your sales reps don't have to be mere "Professional Visitors." By empowering them with the right questions, you can turn their casual chats into insightful conversations that bring in more referrals. Remember, their goal is not just to build relationships but to understand the client's process, identify the decision-makers and get your phone ringing with water, fire, and mold jobs.

Want to learn more about how you can boost your team's performance and improve your business's bottom line? Start by visiting the Restoration Sales Academy at and when you're ready for personalized advice, don't hesitate to book a call with me by clicking the 'Book a Call' button. Let's transform your sales team from "Professional Visitors" into power referral generators!

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