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7 Ideas to Help You Get More Work from your Online Presence

Aug 14, 2019

Is your website up to date? – It may seem like a silly question, but Google and the other search engines like to see updated and relevant content.  If you can create a simple schedule of making small monthly updates to your site, it will pay dividends over time.

Get Google Reviews. This is HUGE.  How can you get more Google reviews?  You team does a great job, right? Ask your customers to post a review about their experience.  Create a link to the review page and text it and/or email it to your customers.  It will help drive more traffic to your site and could be the deciding factor between you and a local competitor.  The other benefit to this is it’s a great morale builder for you and your team.

SEO work – Search Engine Optimization is the work related to setting up your site to rank high organically (being on page one of Google without having to pay).  You could certainly learn to do this yourself, but it also might make more sense to hire a company to help you with this.

PPC Campaign – Pay Per Click – More and more, property owners are turning to search engines to find water damage companies to help with their losses.  As deductibles continue to rise, people are reluctant to call their insurance company, so they just do a quick Google search for a service provider.  With pay per click, you set up your campaign with simple text ads, a geographic target area and a daily budget.  You can turn the campaign on or off at any time, so you are in complete control. The easiest way to get started with this (on your own) is to sign up for Google AdWords Express.  It’s easy to use – I promise.

Blog Posts are another way to keep your site up to date.  We’ve all been to sites that look they haven’t been touched since the early 2000’s and it doesn’t give us the feeling that the company is relevant.  Write about how you help your customers, profile an employee, talk about the continuing education classes you sponsor, or the best way to prevent water damage in a home.  If you don’t know how to post yourself, just write your article in Word or Google Docs and send it to your web person to post for you.

Guest Blog for others in complimentary industries.  Insurance agents are a natural for this.  If you can provide them with content for their blog, you’ll be helping them and yourself at the same time. Home inspectors, Mortgage bankers and local hardware stores are three business types that may have an interest in your articles as well. Who else can you think of that would be a good fit for an article written by you?

Local Online Directory Listings.  If you haven’t already spent a couple of hours getting your business added to free local online directories, this is an easy way to make a difference in how often you are found online.  Here’s a link to a list of local directories.  Also, do a Google search for small local directories.  Ex. “Local business directory in Philadelphia, PA”.  Be sure to be 100% consistent with the way you type all your business information (address, phone, web address).  The more consistent the listing are, the better your results will be.

In future blogs, I’ll go into more depth on each of the following seven programs for increasing your top line.  If you want to learn more about executing on any of these strategies in the meantime, let’s schedule some time to talk.

  • TPA Programs
  • Agent Marketing
  • Adjuster Marketing
  • Plumber Marketing
  • Property Manager Marketing
  • Local Networking Groups
  • Email Marketing to Past Customers

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