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3 Easy Ways A VOIP Can Help Your Business

May 29, 2019

Once you have a VOIP phone system, you’ll never want to go back to a landline through you local telephone or cable company.  Our businesses (3 over the past ten years) have all used VOIP from a company called Clarity Voice.  I’m sure we only scratch the surface of what is possible with our system but here’s what I can tell you about how it’s helped me with the property damage restoration business I owned for 12 years, the auto glass business I own ( and my business coaching work.

  1. Remote employees for flexibility. Here’s one great example of how a system like this can help – imagine there’s a weather event on the way and you’re not sure if your staff will make it to the office – simply send them home with a phone and have them plug it into an electric outlet and their wifi router.  Within a couple of minutes (and NO programming of any kind), they’ll be able to make and receive calls as if they were in the office.  We even use this when there’s no disaster on the way.  Maybe someone just needs to work at home one day.  It’s really flexible in this way.
  2. Call recording for really practical training.  Using call recordings to train employees isn’t new but in the past, I always thought of this as something only for really large companies.  We use it all of the time.  My favorite way to help employees who handle phone calls is to ask them to choose two or three calls each day, listen to the recording of the call and take some notes on – what they thought they did well, what they didn’t do well and what will they change when they have a similar call in the future.  The self-awareness this exercise brings is really incredible.  In many cases, the employee is tougher on themselves than their manager would have been and the ideas for change are coming from the employee rather than the manager.  Give it a try – I’d love to hear about your insights after going through the exercise.  As an owner, I like to critique myself on a regular basis with my business coaching calls.  It’s a great way for me to improve the service I provide to my clients.
  3. Voicemail transcription as a delegation tool. Nothing new here – some of you have cell phone service which does this.  It’s just simple – get a voicemail and you’ll receive and email with the text.  The best part for me and my coaching clients is delegation.  Many of my clients started their business from zero – owner on the truck business model.  Although, for the most part, my clients are way beyond this part of their career, sometimes they are still a bit stuck in their mindset about what it is they they “need” to handle.  When a voicemail comes in, there’s no need to listen to it – at a glance, you can see who it is from and what the topic is – if you don’t need to handle this type of request, simply forward it to the appropriate manager or technician in your business.  You can also do some neat things in terms of sending a copy to your CRM (you are using a CRM in your business, right?).

Those three tips on how our VOIP system helps us are just my top of mind benefits.  There are many more.  If you are considering a more adaptable phone system for your business to help you streamline tasks and improve your business – think about getting in touch with our friends at Clarity Voice.  They’ve been a valued vendor our ours for over ten years. 

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Here’s a great link to a phone system primer that can give you lots of great information and help you decide what might be best for your business.

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