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Hire me to coach, train and lead your sales reps to get more business - to get more sales for your business. The best way is to give better training to your salespeople -  you don't have the time and they won't do it themselves. I have a program that requires no time from you.

I will work as your fractional sales manager.

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You’re not alone.  So many owners have hired a rep or two and they just aren’t cutting it. I see two main categories of people with this challenge - ones that are too busy to help their reps and ones that just don’t know how to help them.

Are you tired of not knowing how to help your rep make the phone ring?

Are you too busy to hold them accountable?

What are you doing to help them improve their sales skills?

What about building their confidence so they sound great on sales calls?

How are you helping them plan their day so they can maximize their time?

Do you believe that if you put some energy into developing them, they’d have a better chance of succeeding?

I’ve got the solution for you - The Restoration Sales Academy - It's time to invest in the sales coaching program that will give your reps a fighting chance.  My program is going to equip them with the tools they need to make you a lot of money and them a lot of commission dollars. There’s probably a more polite way to say it, but that’s really the bottom line.

Hi! . . . I’m Scott.

My hunch is you’re here because you’re a client, someone you trust mentioned my name, or you stumbled upon one of my videos or posts.  Whatever path you took, I’m glad you’re here.

I understand the challenges you face as a property damage restoration business owner and know how important it is to have a skilled sales team that can generate referrals and drive revenue growth. That's why I created the Restoration-specific Sales Coaching Program, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

This program, developed exclusively for property damage restoration businesses like yours, stems from my firsthand experience as a former restoration business owner. I recognize your ongoing drive to increase revenue and grow your business, as well as the many competing demands you face. In this program, I focus on enhancing your sales reps' skills, empowering them to generate more leads and secure more losses for your business, ensuring that sales development doesn't fall by the wayside.

The 12-month program is broken down into a monthly curriculum, with weekly coaching sessions. Each month, we will focus on a different aspect of the sales process, from setting goals and creating a sales plan to building relationships with key decision-makers, discovering customer needs, and closing techniques. Our interactive and role-playing activities will allow your sales reps to practice the skills they learn in a safe environment.

Your reps will work directly with me and will learn how to:

  • Build relationships with insurance agents, insurance adjusters, plumbers, property managers, and commercial property owners
  • Discover prospect needs and pain points
  • Communicate effectively
  • Present solutions and handle objections
  • Sharpen their sales skill each week
  • Make the phone ring!

My meetings have a tight agenda, so they are super-productive and not hijacked by tangents.  If we’re going to spend time meeting, it’s got to be a great use of our time together. 

Here’s the agenda for our weekly one-hour calls:

  • Review of last week's progress and goals
  • Introduction of new material for the week
  • Role-playing and interactive activities to practice new skills
  • Homework assignments and accountability check-ins
  • Review of goals for next week and Q&A

Aside from the weekly meeting and the call recordings, your reps will have access to:

  • Videos and documents to support everything we work on during our calls
  • Objections workbook sheet so they can track objections and refine their responses
  • A monthly challenge to build camaraderie and a little friendly competition
  • A custom app (iPhone, iPad, Android and web compatible) to help them track their activity & results

Don't let your sales reps struggle any longer.

Enroll in my sales coaching program today and see the results for yourself.

Hire Scott

I created the Restoration Sales Academy as a 12-month program, but you can enter at any time, and you don’t need to end after one year - multiple times through the program will just help reinforce the learning.  Your sales reps will learn the techniques and strategies needed to succeed in the property damage restoration industry. I will lead our weekly coaching sessions, and the peer group interactions will help reinforce the real-life examples of situations shared by the participants.

Here's a look at what your sales reps will learn each month - the content will be fluid and I’ll continue to adapt to the group’s needs:

Month 1: Introduction to the sales process, setting goals, and creating a sales plan.

Month 2: Building a referral network with insurance agents, insurance adjusters, plumbers, property managers, and commercial property owners.

Month 3: Discovering the prospect's needs and pain points.

Month 4: Establishing trust and rapport.

Month 5: Presenting solutions and handling objections.

Month 6: Closing techniques and follow-up strategies.

Month 7: Refining and improving the sales process.

Month 8-9: Exposure to advanced techniques: Challenger Sale, Social Proof, SPIN, Consultative, etc.

Month 10: How technology can help: Video, AI tools, Prospecting Tools, CRM data, etc.

Month 11-12: Continued coaching and support as the salespeople apply their new skills and strategies in the field.

What sets this program apart is my commitment to hands-on, interactive training. Your sales rep will engage in role-playing activities and other exercises to help them apply the concepts they learn in real-world situations. The result? Sales reps who are confident, skilled, and motivated to succeed.

The best part? This investment in your sales rep will deliver substantial returns. By developing a top-performing salesperson, your business will experience a surge in referrals and revenue growth.

You invest in technical classes and certifications for your field team members . . . Don't wait any longer to take your property damage restoration business to the next level by investing in sales training. Invest in the Restoration Sales Academy today and put this challenge behind you.

Hire Scott

Questions... What else can I tell you?

Hire Scott

If your area is already taken, I’ll let you know, and you can be added to my waiting list if you’d like. If you want to talk sooner than later, call me at 610-263-2772.

How to Sign Up

You can join the Restoration Sales Academy program anytime, but remember, I don’t allow competing companies to join, so if you’re interested, enroll today before your spot is taken. 

Let's get on a call - I'll answer all of your questions and then you can make a decision.

It's that easy.  

Sign up today and put your sales-related challenges behind you.

Best regards,


Hire Scott

Who's Scott anyway?

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, Scott Miller has a proven track record of owning, operating, and selling multiple businesses. As a certified business coach (ICF, CEC, and Best Year Yet) and founder of The Growth League, Scott has empowered hundreds of restoration professionals in the U.S. to scale their businesses, increase profitability, and adopt systematic approaches for lasting success.

Scott's journey in the property damage restoration industry began in 2005 when he became a franchisee of a national system. He eventually transitioned to an independent business, which he sold in 2017. In 2012, Scott started another related business, serving Southeastern Pennsylvania, and successfully sold it in 2021.

Over the past 15 years, Scott has been passionately coaching both independent and franchise business owners, from single location operations to large, multi-office 8-figure organizations.

Scott's mission is to help restoration business owners achieve greater profitability, gain a deeper understanding of their financials, and build businesses worth seven figures or more. He is committed to fostering financial, professional, and personal growth for his clients.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and four children in their Berwyn, PA home, and escape to Ocean City, NJ as much as they can. Scott is a proud alumnus of Drexel University, where he earned a B.S. in Marketing and minored in Finance and Photography.

What Clients are Saying...

“I have worked with Scott as my coach for several years.  His ability to listen allows us to come up with solutions to issues that affect me both personally and professionally.   He has good advice when needed, and because he’s walked in my shoes, I find peace of mind when working through any scenario with him.  If you are looking for a coach to help you grow as a person and business leader, Scott is your coach!   Feel free to contact me directly to discuss in greater detail how my work with Scott has been transformational.”

Ken Barnard
Integrity Construction & Restoration

“Scott has been coaching me for the last eight years. In that time, my business revenue has increased by 400%. Whether it's sports or business, even top performers can benefit from having a coach. Scott goes over everything from operations, processes and procedures, accounts receivable, hiring, firing, generating new business, QuickBooks, and everything in between. He is now coaching my managers to help me make them the best they can be. Even when we know what needs to be done, it's easy to make excuses, but Scott holds us accountable. He cares about both me and my business and I'm proud to call him my friend.”

Bill Savage
Savage Restoration

“When I started working with Scott, I was looking for collaboration. Bringing you in Scott helped us increase our gross profitability by almost 8% in one quarter, and we were able to reduce our accounts receivable days from 45-60 to 32 in the 2nd quarter of working together. Our recon manager needed to learn to delegate and let go - you were able to help him make a lot of progress in this area.  With the GM, having someone other than the owner to work with gave him an outside perspective and also helped him to implement a scorecard so we could truly collaborate internally and track our progress.  We started solving issues as a team.”

Craig Moody
Mammoth Restoration, Arizona

“After 15 years of running my own business, I kind of lost focus on the end game which would be to eventually sell the Company I worked so hard to grow. I reached out to Scott at "The Growth League" and he coached and guided us to a very successful sale of the Company.

Over an approximately two year period, Scott helped us grow in volume and profit, by coaching all of us at the business with a multitude of insightful suggestions and guidance. Scott was always there to discuss different situations that would come up, then help us rectify the situations with positive results. Many thanks to Scott at "The Growth League" for all his help and guidance.”

Dutch Schwertner

Green Stone Energy

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