Time for a Change?

Dec 23, 2019

This is the time of year when many of us get happy.  Aside from all the extra traffic and long lines at the grocery store, it’s a pretty jolly time of the year, right? For a lot of people, work starts to wind down a bit and we get to take some time for rest after a long year of pushing hard.

The resting can lead to thoughts of “How can I do better next year?” That discontent with what we have sets in and we start thinking about losing weight, getting in shape, working on relationships with our kids and significant others and dealing with the biggest challenges in our businesses.  We start making promises to ourselves about how things are going to be different next year and then . . . a couple of weeks into the new year nothing is different.  Even my teenage boys recognize the phenomenon. Yesterday, they were talking about how crowded the YMCA was going to be next month.  My older son, said, “Don’t worry, the crowds will only last a couple of weeks and then things will be back to normal”.

Is this going to be your story? What will you do different next year? How will you stick with it?  Will you write a plan for yourself, for your business?  Will you get an accountability buddy and share your plan?  What about hiring a business coach to help keep you on course (self-serving plug)? Will you stay tough on yourself and do the things you don’t want to do knowing that if you take the right actions, you’ll have a much better chance of getting where you want to go whether it’s losing weight, making more money, having a happier marriage or getting your business in the best shape of it’s life.  What will it take to get you fired up, to take action like never before?

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