Can your business afford $50,000 or more to get your encrypted files back?

Feb 23, 2020

This is a guest blog from my friend Chuck Clifford at Synobis Network Solutions.  Earlier this month, Chuck and I got into a discussion over breakfast on the topic of ransomware. Fun stuff, right?!?  The more I started to read on the topic, the more it became clear to me that as a business coach, I focus on a lot of issues relevant to restoration businesses and small business in general and I also need to be talking about ransomware and file backups with not just my restoration business owners but all of my other clients – and friends who own small businesses. When I first heard about ransomware, I remember thinking, “There’s no way someone would come after my business – it’s too small – these folks only go after large corporations.” It turns out, that could be farther from the truth. Please take a few minutes to learn a little more on the subject from Chuck.  Take a look below for their contact information if you’d like to find out more about they can help you.

This is the question facing more and more small to medium-sized businesses every day. Ransomware – unfortunately, it isn’t going anywhere fast. All it takes is one employee innocently opening a malicious attachment in an email. And the threat is only growing, as some reports find. The Beazley Group, for example, found that small-to-midsize businesses were at the largest risk. Their estimates show that 71% of ransomware attacks affect the small to medium sized business segment.

Cybercriminals have learned just how lucrative encrypting data can be. Other forms of security threats still exist, data breaches in particular, but criminals who want to extract an easy buck are regularly turning to readily available ransomware packages.

So, what can business owners do to protect themselves? While employee awareness training, anti-virus/anti-malware applications, and having systems in place to make sure your networks are patched regularly all provide a first line of defense, there are many cases where those steps are ineffective in stopping an attack. The solution is having systems and processes in place that allow you to recover quickly in the event of an attack, eliminating the need to pay any ransom to get your own files back.

Keep in mind, the cost of an attack is not only the ransom amount you may need to pay, but also the often-times more crippling cost of downtime, inability to manufacture product or ship orders, inability to invoice customers, and all the other things critical to your business operations. According to a report from Coveware, ransomware downtime costs organizations more than $64,000 per event on average. (Source: Coveware)

Your recovery plan needs to include not only secure redundancy of your data, but also a strategy for gaining access to that data again quickly to get your operation running with little costly downtime.

Are you prepared to recover quickly if you show up at the office with the following message on your screen?

For more information, contact:
Chuck Clifford
Director of Business Development
Synobis Network Solutions (formerly 4 Network Consulting)
Phone 215.710.0001 x114
Mobile 610.246.6879
[email protected]

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