Agent Marketing . . . 3 Simple Steps

Feb 04, 2020

I talk with restoration owners and managers all of the country, almost every day of the week.  As a restoration business coach, one of the most common challenges I’m called on to help with is marketing.  More and more, I’m finding businesses are extremely reliant of one source of business and even worse, one significant customer makes up a large percentage of their business.

When I get into a conversation about marketing, I’m often asked, “Is agent marketing still viable in the restoration industry?” I believe it is.  You might even make the argument that now is a better time that in the past – not the best time in the history of agent marketing but better than in the past several years.  Here’s why – it takes a lot of discipline and many companies have given up on it as a source of revenue.

I’m not discounting the importance of third party administrators (TPA’s), pay per click (PPC), plumbers, property managers, adjusters and social media, however, I do feel strongly that to round out a diverse marketing program, agent marketing is extremely important.  Agent marketing is simple, not easy.

Here are the three simple steps:

  1. Create a list of agencies and import them into your favorite generic CRM (think HubSpotZohoAgile CRM or KEAP) or production management software (Client RunnerDASHiRestoreLuxor,  or Restoration Manager)
  2. Assign each agency to a route – be super efficient in terms of keeping them geographically tight so you can make the most of your time.
  3. Visit them on a regular basis, make friends with every person in every office and be sure to remind them why you are there – to earn their trust and be the first person they think of when someone calls in with the need for your services.

If you want to learn more about agent marketing or any of the other areas or support I provide for my clients, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for reading!


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